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Blessings and Cursings
Week One notes

Don't Bite the Biscuit - week one notes

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What is Shekinah?




Church remodel completion date: Spring 2013


Less than six months from now, the ministry hopes to be inaugurating the newly remodeled building.

Finish work and final touches are taking place inside the sanctuary, and the congregation will begin focusing on the outside of the building in the coming months.

While the physical building has been worked on, the congregation has shared in spiritual growth as we have learned to apply the fruits of the spirit in a very hands-on way. Stay tuned for more information on our inaugural celebration event!

Essays from the Word:
A Disciple's Study guide

The power of the Holy Spirit is available for all believers, but have you received Him? Do you know the difference between tongues as evidence of His indwelling verses the spiritual gift of tongues? Find out now

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